Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon Look For Tracks in the Woods on The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10: “Inmates”

With Season 4, Episode 12: “Still” of The Walking Dead being an hour that’s likely entirely devoted to Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), fans are starting to put forth crazy theories about what goes down during this installment. These theories have been fueled by both the frustratingly vague promos and sneak peeks and a tweet from Norman earlier this week which read, “Just watched next weeks episode. AMAZING!!!!!! BETH (so good!!!)”

The folks over at put together a list of what Norman’s tweet could mean, and in addition to the expected analyses like “This must mean it’s a big episode for Beth!” The author took Norman’s tweet more literally and suggested it could mean that “Bethburgers are on the menu.”

We’ll let the analysis speak for itself: “Mmmm. BETH. So good!!! As in, so good when she's slow-cooked like a barbecued rib roast and served on a bed of fresh forest greens, om nom nom nom BELCH. Yep, that's right. Either Beth is about to make a delicious dinner for a herd of hungry walkers, or Daryl is about to hit the road with a pack full of human jerky.”

Well, Norman caught wind of this hilarious take on his tweet and decided to play along! On February 26 he tweeted a link to the post and wrote, “It's true! Sunday I eat her!!!. #bethsashimi.”

We’ve heard that the back half of Season 4 had the AMC suits a bit worried, but it’s safe to say Norman is kidding about the whole cannibalism  thing...we hope! That said, we are still worried about Beth and hope she has what it takes to survive Season 4, Episode 12.

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