The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 12: "Still" had a beautifully-executed, narrow focus: Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) survive, get drunk, and let out all their feelings. It was Beth's first-ever drink, straight out of a moonshine still in a house a whole lot like Daryl's broken, childhood home. At the end, while they drenched the house in moonshine and burnt it to the ground, "Up the Wolves" by the Mountain Goats played! In case you missed it, you can hear the song below.

We think the soundtrack was totally appropriate for all these situations — letting out demons, getting drunk, getting drunk for the first time, adolescent angst, reflecting on a troubled childhood — since The Mountain Goats have become a go-to score for getting drunk, burning down your childhood home and giving it the finger. At least, the metaphorical burning down your childhood home.

Like what you heard? Find more music by The Mountain Goats, aka John Darnielle, on his website.

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Credit: AOL Photo: The Walking Dead Season 4: Daryl Dixon Is “Back to Square One” (VIDEO)