Credit: Instagram Photo: Meyrick Murphy and Kyla Kenedy

You know, if Mika (Kyla Kenedy) and Meghan (Meyrick Murphy) had gotten a chance to meet each other on The Walking Dead Season 4, they probably would’ve been fast friends.

Instead, they were on opposites sides of the Team Prison vs. Governor battle, and both met tragic ends at different times in different ways. Thankfully, the actresses who played them are alive and well — and working together on another fun new project to showcase their artistic talents.

Meyrick posted the photo shown, when announcing the news: “Hey Guys!! Kyla and I opened back up our Instagram account, it's called @paintedhands4u. And we are going to try to be more active on etsy, thank you all!! Follow @paintedhands4u! ❤️”


The account only has 10 images posted at this point, but it’s new. Here’s the Instagram bio: “Hey guys it's Kyla and Meyrick 😚 This is our new account . We love to paint🎨 Go buy our paintings on etsy. Just put in the search tap paintedhands4u”

How great is that? Everyone talks about the TWD Family as being so close, but here’s a real-world application — two young artists both worked on Season 4, and didn’t even get to work together, but connected through the TWD universe and are now sharing their paintings in a new joint forum. If Hershel were here, he’d come up with a great speech to sum up the beauty of this collaboration, but we’ll just have to suggest you follow them on Instagram, go to Etsy, and support these artists.

Maybe they’ll even inspire more TWD crossovers — like an Instagram to combine Norman Reedus’s (Daryl Dixon) photography with Emily Kinney’s (Beth Greene) music.

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Sources: Meyrick on Instagram, PaintedHands4U on Instagram