Credit: Photo via Twitter Photo: Norman Reedus Poses With Greg Nicotero

Is the date Tuesday, August 26 circled on your special Walking Dead calendar? It should be. That’s when Season 4 is released on DVD/Blu-ray, with all of these amazing special features.

One bonus feature that is included in both the Blu-ray and the DVD editions is the featurette called "Inside KNB EFX." Anchor Bay Entertainment posted two minutes of footage from that particular bonus feature, which includes a discussion with Greg Nicotero and fellow KNB makeup and visual effects artists.

In the video, they talk about the creepy (but amazing) tribute walkers used in Season 4. Like Bub in Episode 15, “Us.” As Greg explains in the video, “Of course, probably one of the most popular zombies in zombie movie history is Bub from Day of the Dead. So we slid him into Episode 415, and I think the minute that he came on screen my phone — I started getting texts and e-mails." They saw a ton of freeze frame shots of the Bub walker on the Internet the next day. Greg said he even had some people ask him if they brought in actor Howard Sherman to play the part. Nope. It was just their love letter to the genre.

Watch the video below for just a taste of what you’ll see in the full feature, if you buy the discs. Other DVD featurettes include "Inside The Walking Dead," "The Making of The Walking Dead," a spotlight on Hershel, "The Governor Is Back," "Society, Science & Survival," "A Journey Back to Brutality," and of course deleted scenes, plus a bunch of commentaries. The Blu-ray also has extended episodes.

Watching all that stuff (and thangs) should keep you busy until the October 12 premiere of TWD Season 5!

Source: Anchor Bay Entertainment on YouTube