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Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has a serious case of the Mondays. He really needs to take a sick day at the busiest time of his Ricktatorship job on The Walking Dead Season 3. Comic book guru and executive producer Robert Kirkman told TV Guide there's still more mental anguish coming for Rick, who has already imagined phone calls and had visions of the late Shane and Lori.

"He hasn't quite reached the bottom yet," Kirkman said. "It's been a lot of fun showing his spiral into madness, with the phone and the vision of Shane and all the other things he's encountered. Now he's starting to see Lori. He's in a really bad place and it's coming at the exact wrong time. People are going to be looking to him as a leader and trying to find answers in this coming conflict, and Rick may not be available to them. They may have to rely on themselves. That's going to make this confrontation that much more explosive and that much more deadly. It's really a question of whether or not Rick is going to be get it together at all, and if he is, is he going to be able to get it together soon enough?"

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So, with Rick not really a reliable dictator, who can lead Team Prison through the Woodbury war?

"We've definitely seen other characters taking on leadership roles at different times. Daryl [Norman Reedus] has really stepped up and contributed quite a bit, but we've seen that he's out on his own with Merle [Michael Rooker], so he's not going to be there. But I think we will see some leadership coming from Glenn [Steven Yeun], Maggie [Lauren Cohan] and Hershel [Scott Wilson] and definitely Carol [Melissa McBride]. They've been shown to be very capable characters this season, and I think we'll be continuing to show they've got some hidden talents."

Carol?! As a leader? Huh. It's easier to see Glenn (even with his anger issues), Maggie, or Hershel in a leadership role than Carol with her soft heart and tendency to need to be saved. But it would be a great arc for her. We've been waiting for her to be the hero and save someone else's life — so Carol showing a tough leadership side would be most welcome!

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