Every episode of The Walking Dead is a unique little snowflake, but when TVLine asked executive producer/comic book writer Robert Kirkman for a Season 3 tease, he pointed to the March 3 episode.

"I think Episode 12 is going to be something special," Kirkman said. "All [eight episodes of the back half of Season 3] are pretty great, but be on the lookout for that one.”

Nice. That episode is called "Clear." You know which past character is rumored to make a reappearance in that ep? Morgan. Here are some behind-the-scenes production pics that look to be for Ep 12, showing Rick, Michonne, and what appears to be Morgan in sniper mode on a rooftop.

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Source: TVLine

Credit: YouTube Photo: New Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers Promo: Merle Punches Daryl, Andrea vs. The Governor (VIDEO)