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One more week and change, kids. That's all we have left to wait until the return of The Walking Dead Season 3.

A fan asked for some spoilers on the back half of the season, and TVLine shared this scoop: "When the show returns on February 10, not only will we learn the outcome of the Daryl/Merle showdown, a character you probably never thought you’d see again will put in an appearance, and Rick will do something (literally) everyone has wanted to do at one time or another."

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We know Daryl (Norman Reedus) lives — and not just because there's a whole "If Dary Dies We Riot" campaign out there. The promos have not been shy in showing Daryl talking to Rick (Andrew Lincoln), warning him that The Governor (David Morrissey) is coming. Merle (Michael Rooker)? Merle punches Daryl, but then it's hard to say what happens to him. Not death. Not right away. That doesn't seem likely, considering all the potential that character has for a Team Prison showdown. (He has to face Rick again, and Glenn should kick his butt for beating his face in.)

As to the character you probably never thought you'd see again, well, that sounds like Morgan (Lennie James) from Season 1. Remember the dad who saved Rick, and couldn't quite shoot his own walker wife? The spoilers about Morgan returning have been around so long it's surprising TVLine doesn’t just say his name. Then again, has Morgan been specifically spoiled for Episode 9, which is the Feb. 10 episode? Is TVLine sharing scoop for that particular hour or the rest of the season as a whole? If they meant that ep in particular ... that's more of a mystery.

But what's with the last part? What will Rick do that everyone has wanted to do? Make out with Daryl? (Kidding. Except, not kidding.) Kill The Governor? Uh, yell at Carl? Tell Carol it's her time to save someone else's life for a change? Theories? (Update: Now we're thinking it's PUNCH MERLE!)

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