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Maybe you don’t know Tyreese that well. He’s a fan favorite character from The Walking Dead comics, but just made his debut on AMC’s Season 3, Episode 8 midseason finale, “Made to Suffer.” His group took refuge in the prison, so Carl helped them … into their own locked cell.

Why did the TV show introduce Tyreese a this point? Showrunner Glen Mazzara told Entertainment Weekly:

“We are really interested in expanding the world, and I think it’s interesting to introduce Tyreese, who is a good character, and to bring him in at a time when Rick does not want anybody to join the group. Rick's obviously losing his mind and just wants to shut off the world. Now we have these two camps clearly delineated: We have the prison group and we have Woodbury. Now let’s bring in Tyreese. Let’s bring in a third factor, and the story of Tyreese will be very, very interesting throughout the rest of the season. It will be very surprising to the audience and just throws another ball into the mix. So it is really about making the story as complicated and as surprising as possible.”

It’s all about torturing The Ricktator, poor beast. Then again, in the comics, Rick and Tyreese became tight. Tyreese was Rick’s right-hand man after Shane’s death. Now Daryl is in that role — and we’re confident he’s going to keep it long into Season 3 and, hopefully, beyond.

Curious about the others in Tyreese's group? Executive producer/comic book writer Robert Kirkman told The Hollywood Reporter, "Sasha is his sister, who is a new character. She's not his sister in the comic book. And then we have Allen, and Donna and Ben, who are all from the comic book series. It's a few cool additions from the comic book coming into the show. Although, Donna didn't last very long." Yeah, she's gone. 

Are you excited about how Tyreese's group will fit into the mix?

Sources: Entertainment WeeklyThe Hollywood Reporter

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