Credit: ‏@wwwbigbaldhead Photo: Rick and Daryl on The Walking Dead

Yes! Our favorite bromance lives on.

During the premiere broadcast of The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 10, "Home," AMC posted a little Q&A, asking which two characters would Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) want with him in a real zombie apocalypse?

Norman answered, "I think it would be Rick, not just because I have an obvious crush on the actor who plays him.” (Andrew Lincoln, you are a lucky man.) “Rick is confident and he's well-mannered and he truly cares. If not Rick it would be Glenn. I base both of these answers on the actors, perhaps, more than the roles they are playing, but I'd go with those two." Steven Yeun, you are also a lucky man.

At this point, neither Rick nor Glenn is in a good place, mentally, to be leading anyone, but Daryl could be the leader. Daryl is a superhero. But, really, well-mannered? In the zombie apocalypse? It's not a dinner party. If ever it's OK to be a bit rude, it's during a walker attack.