Andrea wants to be the peacemaker between Team Woodbury and Team Prison on The Walking Dead Season 3. We’ll see her take action this Sunday, February 24 on Episode 11, “I Ain’t a Judas.”

Actress Laurie Holden talked to
Access Hollywood about her character’s motivations.

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“A lot of people ask me if Andrea is Team Rick or Team The Governor,” Laurie said. “She’s Team The People and it’s not just her friends at the prison, it’s the 74 people in Woodbury — the men, women, children, the elderly. It’s both communities, and I think her modus operandi now is, ‘How can I make peace? How can there be no bloodshed? How can I make sure nobody dies?’ And it’s not choosing one side or the other, it’s, ‘What do I need to do to make sure that the people live?’ [...] If she leaves, she’s walking away from 74 people. She’s really trying to make the right choice. She’s really mulling all of the information in her head and trying to formulate a plan and then she’s gonna take some major action… Andrea takes action, that’s this episode coming up."

This Sunday is a big Andrea ep. As Laurie added, “It’s enormous. God it’s huge… Your mind is going to explode.”

It’s good that someone is trying to stop open war between the two camps — and maybe Andrea is the one who gets Rick and The Governor in the same room for the first time, as teased in the promos where Rick says “here we are” and The Gov says they have a lot to talk about. But maybe fans would be more appreciative of Andrea’s attempts at peacekeeping if she were a more objective third party. Instead, she’s knee deep in the battle on both sides, and she can’t seem to take a stand or make an argument because she brings too much personal history into it.

It does seem like the prison group has taken the greatest hit — from the abductions/abuse of Glenn, Maggie and Daryl to the attempted killing of Michonne to the deaths of Axel and Oscar. Yeah, Merle was a big part of that, but everyone knows he was operating as The Governor’s right hand. (Hand pun alert!) Meanwhile, Woodbury has only suffered a few casualties, all the result of Team Prison trying to take back the people who were abducted. In fourth-grade playground terms, Woodbury started it. Thanks to Merle, but enforced by The Gov.

The whole thing is a mess, but maybe it will be resolved by the end of the season? Just sticking to this Sunday’s Episode 11, do you want to read spoilers about what Andrea does, and the result of her actions? Head here.

Source: Access Hollywood

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