Mixed feelings about the time jumps. Mad Men does it every season. Game of Thrones picks up right where we left off. You could make arguments for either choice, but The Walking Dead is sticking with the fast-forward button for Season 4.

The Walking Dead Season 3 ended with Rick and company welcoming the ex-Woodbury group into the prison, as Carl stewed in frustration. What's going to happen when Season 4 starts, at some point in October? IGN talked to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, saying each season presents a new vision of the dual sides of leadership, just with different leaders (Rick/Shane, Rick/Governor) and new locations/settings. Since The Governor is still around, how will that change the tone or nature of the show on Season 4?

"I don’t think it’s changing it," Gale said. "Every season, yes, there will more than likely be a passage of time. It’s unlikely to follow directly after the end of this episode."

If she says it's unlikely then it's probably just plain not happening, since they've written a bunch of episodes and shooting starts in early May. How do you feel about the passage of time? Do you like the idea of hitting fast-forward a bit, or would you rather see the awkward early stages of how these two groups are going to share the prison and get to know each other? If Season 4 is going to have more character development, it would make sense to start it right on the ground floor.

Source: IGN

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