Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: Andrea on The Walking Dead

We’ve long since accepted that no one is safe on The Walking Dead, particularly during season finales — like the episode airing this Sunday, March 31. And now actress Laurie Holden tells Us Weekly that her character, Andrea, is no exception.

“There are no happy endings,” she teases. “We all have a shelf life. We’re all expendable.”

But that doesn’t stop the 43-year-old beauty from keeping the mood on set light with the occasional dance break, saying the she and the other cast members “play [Michael Jackson’s] ‘Thriller,’ put on makeup, and pretend we’re zombies. We have to have that release.”

Laurie also tells the mag that once her time on Dead wraps up — whether that be sooner or later — she’d love to do lighter fare, like a romantic comedy. And we admit that we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing her smile more often!

Source: Us Weekly (print edition)