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"Listen you creepy redneck, I'm taking your banjo!" That's not quite what Andrea really said to Rick the first time they met in Atlanta on The Walking Dead Season 1, but ... it definitely fits, thanks to this hilarious and disturbingly believable "Bad Lip Reading" treatment of The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3. And we totally understand why Andrea cries so hard when told Rick needs that banjo for the talent show. All she has is a guitar!  

Don't miss Daryl telling Rick "I gotta poo again" around the one minute mark. It's the start of a theme that continues at the two minute mark with Glenn admitting "I broke wind." And things get really creepy around the third minute when Maggie tells Glenn "I farted on you when you put banana peppers in the Wheaties."

Yep, it's juvenile, but also pretty awesome — especially when The Governor sings to Rick during their first meeting in the warehouse. Maybe all that Season 3 violence could've been avoided if they really did break into song like a Broadway show. “Labibibabibidum! ‘Cluck’  went the chicken!”

Check out the hilarious video below and tell us your thoughts!

Source: BadLipReading