Credit: Gene Page/AMC Photo: The Governor on The Walking Dead

As Rick and The Governor head back to their respective camps, there remains one big question in The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 13, "Arrow on the Doorpost": Will Rick give up Michonne to save his group? As the question swirls around in our heads, Rick prepares his group for war while an intense, guitar-driven folk song plays in the background, but what is the song at the end of "Arrow on the Doorpost"?

The song playing at the end of The Walking Dead Season 3 episode is "Warm Shadow" by Fink. The lyrics that played on the episode were, "What you got goin' on? Keep those eyes closed, next to me. I don’t want another day to break. Take our, steal our night away.”


Singer Jamie N Commons was pretty stoked to have his song play on the show. He commented on The Talking Dead, "It was magic to be involved in the show. I'm a big fan, so yeah it was good." If you love the track, you can buy the single on for $0.99. 


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