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The Walking Dead

Beth Greene

Name: Beth Greene
Played By: Emily Kinney
Age: Late teens
Parents: Hershel Greene and Annette Greene, deceased
Siblings: Maggie, stepbrother Shawn, deceased
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

Beth is Hershel’s youngest daughter. She and her older half-sister Maggie lived on the farm when we met them in Season 2, and Hershel kept Beth’s mother, Annette, as a walker in his barn along with many other neighbors and friends before they were shot by Rick and his crew. After her walker mother died, Beth attempted suicide but later realized she wanted to live.

Once at the prison Beth gains confidence and learns to kill walkers, though she still spends much of her time tending to Hershel and Baby Judith. Carl also develops a crush on her.

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