The Walking Dead

Carl Grimes

Name: Carl Grimes
Played By: Chandler Riggs
Age: Early teens
Parents: Rick and Lori Grimes
Siblings: Judith Grimes
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

Carl Grimes is the only son of The Walking Dead protagonist, Rick Grimes. He escapes the zombie apocalypse with his mother, Lori, and ends up living outside of Atlanta with a group of survivors led by Rick's former police partner, Shane Walsh. Carl begins to look up to Shane, but is delighted when his father reunites with the gang after escaping from the hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound.

Together with his parents and Shane, Carl travels around Georgia killing Walkers and looking for other survivors. Unfortunately, he suffers a bullet wound during Season 2 that nearly claims his life, but ends up recovering in time to save Rick when a recently-killed Shane reanimates as a Walker and tries to eat him. Carl morphs from an innocent kid to a Walker-killing bad-boy, and ends up shooting his mother after she dies while giving birth to his sister, Judith.

Carl becomes more and more ruthless after his mother's death, and even murders a fellow survivor from a rival group –– just to play it safe. In other news, Carl develops a mega crush on Hershel's teenage daughter, Beth. In the words of Katy Perry, she makes him feel like he's living a (zombie-infested) teenage dream.

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