The Walking Dead

Carol Peletier

Name: Carol Peletier
Played By: Melissa McBride
Age: Early-30s
Husband: Ed, deceased
Kids: Sophia, deceased
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

One of the original members of Rick’s crew, Carol has suffered her fair share of heartbreak over the course of The Walking Dead’s first three seasons. Her abusive husband, Ed, was attacked by walkers, a fate that ultimately also befell her daughter, Sophia, after she got lost in the woods. Although Carol and the crew spent much of Season 2 looking for Sophia, they later learned she turned, and was one of the walkers Hershel kept in his barn.

At the prison, Carol leaves her meeker self behind and grows more confident. She has long had a flirtatious relationship with Daryl, and there are rumors that the two could become romantically involved in Season 4.

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