The Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee

Name: Glenn Rhee
Played By: Steven Yeun
Age: 20s
Occupation: Pizza Delivery Boy
Girlfriend: Maggie Greene
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

Glenn is The Walking Dead's resident scavenger, and he makes his first appearance by helping the show's main protagonist, Rick, escape from a zombie (aka Walker) attack in Atlanta. After reuniting Rick with his wife and son, Glenn ends up getting kidnapped by a bunch of survivors living in a nursing home, who try to trade him for weapons. Luckily, this erstwhile dude is released, and he and his buddies head to the CDC for answers.

Once the CDC building explodes, the entire crew seeks refuge at a farm, where Glenn falls in love with the farm owner Hershel's daughter, Maggie. These youngins have sex while on a mission to get supplies at the pharmacy, and eventually fall in love.

Unfortunately, Glenn decides that his feelings for Maggie are getting in the way of his ability to destroy zombies, and breaks up with her –– but fear not. The happy couple reunite when Hershel's farm is attacked by walkers, and Glenn finally drops the L word.

During Season 3, Glenn and Maggie get abducted by Merle, and Glenn is questioned and tortured about the location of the prison camp where he and Maggie have been staying with Rick's group. Luckily, Glenn doesn't reveal any information and is eventually rescued, but his relationship with Maggie is altered due to her interaction with The Governor.

The good news? Glenn eventually pops the question to Maggie!

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