The Walking Dead

Lori Grimes

Name: Lori Grimes
Played By: Sarah Wayne Callies
Age: Mid 30s
Occupation: Housewife
Husband: Rick Grimes
Boyfriend: Shane Walsh
Kids: Carl Grimes and Judith Grimes
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Dead

Lori Grimes is the wife of The Walking Dead's resident hero, Rick Grimes. She flees her hometown in Georgia after the zombie apocalypse breaks out, and goes on the run with her son, Carl, and Rick's partner, Shane Walsh. Lori and her fellow band of survivors settle outside of Atlanta (which is overrun by Walkers), and they eventually reunite with Rick after he escapes from the Walker-infested hospital where he'd been recovering from a gunshot wound.

The catch? Lori has been having an affair with Shane, who's less than thrilled when she breaks up with him. In fact, Shane drunkenly attempts to assault Lori while she and the gang are shacked up at the CDC!

Luckily, Shane and Lori are able to move past his assault, and together with Rick they make their way to a farm, where Lori announces that she's pregnant –– but is the baby Shane or Rick's? Naturally, tensions mount between Lori's lover-boys, and Rick eventually kills Shane, meaning that Rick will be the unequivocal father-figure to her unborn child.

Unfortunately, Lori ends up going into premature labor in a Walker-infested prison and gives birth via emergency C-section in the boiler room. She dies during the ad-hoc surgery, and Carl is forced to shoot her so she doesn't turn into a Walker. As if this isn't horrifying enough, Lori's body is presumed to be eaten by a Walker, which causes Rick to fly completely off the rails. Lori might be dead, but she continues to haunt Rick throughout the third season.

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