The Walking Dead

Maggie Greene

Name: Maggie Greene
Played By: Lauren Cohan
Age: 20s
Occupation: Farmer
Father: Hershel Greene
Mother: Josephine Greene
Step-Mother: Annette Greene
Siblings: Beth Greene and Sean Greene
Fiancé: Glenn Rhee
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

Maggie is Hershel Greene's eldest daughter, and lives on the farm Rick's band of survivors take refuge in. Maggie isn't afraid to risk her life in order to make supply runs for her group, and she eventually bonds with Glenn Rhee, a member of Rick's crew. Glenn and Maggie have sex while on a pharmacy supply run, but she's reluctant to enter into a relationship with him. Luckily, girlfriend has a change of heart, and she and Glenn eventually confess their love for each other after a brief breakup.

During Season 3 of The Walking Dead, Glenn and Maggie are captured by Merle while in the woods outside of the prison they're hiding out in, and Maggie is forced to take off her clothes for The Governor. Not only does he threaten to rape her, but he also threatens to kill Glenn if she doesn't tell him where the rest of their group is hiding!

Maggie gives up the location of the prison to save Glenn's life, and both of them are soon rescued by Rick's group. As you might expect, Glenn is upset with Maggie for divulging information to The Governor, but they eventually make up and Glenn pops the question. Nothing more romantic than a zombie wedding!

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