Name: Michonne
Played By: Danai Gurira
Age: 30s
Occupation: Unknown
Relationship Status: Unattached
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

Michonne is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who makes her first appearance during The Walking Dead's Season 2 finale when she saves Andrea from a Walker by killing it with her Katana (yep, she wields a Katana...deal with it). Michonne and Andrea become fast friends, but they're eventually discovered hiding out in the woods by Merle, who works for the deranged Governor of Woodbury.

Michonne doesn't trust The Governor and is forced to leave Andrea behind in Woodbury. She eventually stumbles across Maggie and Glenn and is able to eavesdrop on them and learn directions to the prison where their fellow survivors are staying. Unfortunately, Maggie and Glenn are kidnapped, but Michonne makes her way to the prison and joins forces with The Walking Dead's main protagonist, Rick. She helps Rick's crew rescue Maggie and Glenn from The Governor, and ends up killing The Governor's zombie daughter, Penny.

Unfortunately, Andrea prevents Michonne from killing The Governor, so she returns to Rick's group, where she helps defend the prison against Woodbury's attacks. After getting captured by Merle and making her escape, Michonne takes a group back to Woodbury to find Andrea, and is distraught to hear that she's wandered off into the woods in search of the prison. Michonne ends up finding Andrea (who's been bitten by a Walker), back at Woodbury because The Governor caught her,stays with her while she commits suicide, and then heads back to the prison with survivors from Woodbury to reunite with the rest of Rick's group.

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