Name: Tyreese
Played By: Chad Coleman
Age: Mid-30s
Occupation: Unknown
Sister: Sasha
Alive, Dead, or Walker: Alive

Tyreese, Sasha’s brother, and his group of survivors first met Rick and the prison crew when they snuck in just after Lori’s death. They had been wandering after their camp was overrun with walkers and were hopeful that Rick would let them stay in the prison. However, because Rick was so fragile after Lori died he asked them to leave and they went back to the woods where they were found by Andrea and Milton, who brought them back to Woodbury.

Tyreese was always skeptical of Woobury and The Governor but stayed there because he had no other choice. The Governor even used Tyreese for his information about the prison while planning his attack. After The Governor ambushed the prison and turned his gun on his own people, Rick and Tyreese agree that the remaining Woodbury survivors will move into the prison. Tyreese is expected to be a valuable asset to Team Prison in Season 4.

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