Two Warblers Now CW Stars! Titus Makin Jr. on Grant Gustin as The Flash — Exclusive


Two Warblers Now CW Stars! Titus Makin Jr. on Grant Gustin as The Flash — Exclusive

Apparently, donning the dapper navy blazer of Glee’s Dalton Academy Warblers is the first step to getting your own show on The CW. Huh... who knew?

Grant Gustin, who played Glee’s scheming Warbler villain Sebastian, has landed the starring role on The CW’s new Flash pilot. He’ll play Barry Allen, a police scientist-turned-superhero who’s known for his bright red spandex and superhuman speed.

But Grant isn’t the only former Warbler about to make his CW debut. On Monday, February 17, actor Titus Makin Jr. — who played a Warbler council member named David — will start his run as a series regular on The CW’s new sci-fi romance Star-Crossed.

Two Warblers Now CW Stars! Titus Makin Jr. on Grant Gustin as The Flash — Exclusive
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Titus plays Lukas, the male best friend of Star-Crossed’s leading lady Emery (Friday Night Light’s Aimee Teegarden), and he’ll serve as both the resident tech geek and the show’s comic relief. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Titus for all the details on the show, but diehard Glee fans that we are, we had to bring the conversation back around to the Warblers.

Do you know if there’s any chance of the Warblers coming back to Glee?

I stay in contact with all of our Warbler bros and a lot of Glee people. I’ve kind of been removed from it, being part of this new show. But what I have heard, it kind of goes back and forth. I’ll talk to somebody and they’ll be like, ‘Oh, yeah, the Warblers are supposed to be coming back.’ But then the next month, they’ll be like, ‘Oh, yeah, they kind of scratched that. We’ll see what happens.’ It has gone back and forth. But I’ve heard that Ryan [Murphy] wants to bring them back. It’s looking hopeful, I just don't know when.

You and Grant Gustin are both on The CW now. Who would have guessed... two former Warblers.

I know! Isn’t that so random? We talked about that. It’s pretty awesome. That’s so crazy that we both ended up following each other.

Two Warblers Now CW Stars! Titus Makin Jr. on Grant Gustin as The Flash — Exclusive
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Kurt once gave Sebastian a hard time for having “CW hair.” Now you’re both on The CW... and can have CW hair, for real.

[laughs] It’s great. I’m even more excited for Grant’s role. I mean, I’m excited for mine, don’t get me wrong. But I love supporting other people. And his role sounds so cool. [He’s] The Flash. I am beyond stoked for that.

They’re about to start filming the pilot episode?

Yeah, they’re about to. It’s right around the corner. Probably within the next couple months?

Can you see him as a superhero?

Oh, absolutely. Especially the way we have modern superhero shows today , where it’s like normal people. Like The Tomorrow People on the CW: a lot of normal people, normal young adults. It’s like, woah, these kids have powers. I definitely think he’s going to have no problem pulling that off.

Glee is a musical, and Star-Crossed definitely isn’t. Do you miss all the music?

In this down time, as I’m waiting for Star-Crossed to air, I’ve been able to jump back into my own music. That’s been fun. I’ve been able to sit down and meet with some producers and have some writing sessions. I have a show on February 12, at the House of Blues. Looking forward to that!

Two Warblers Now CW Stars! Titus Makin Jr. on Grant Gustin as The Flash — Exclusive
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How would you describe your music?

Singer-songwriter-soul. It’s kind of John Mayer-meets-John Legend.

What are you plans for the future: Acting, singing, or both?

Obviously acting is the big kahuna. It’s the one that I plan to stick with for the long haul [...] Music is more of that outlet, so when I do have the time to dive into it, I think it’s nice to let it happen.

I think Lucy Hale is doing it quite beautifully right now. [Editor’s note: Lucy stars as Aria on Pretty Little Liars, and acting is her main focus. But she also recently released a single, “You Sound Good to Me.”]

What are some of the things you like about music?

As an actor, you’re constantly playing characters. When you have an opportunity to express yourself, and to let the audience see who you are as an artist, I think it’s awesome to take that opportunity.

Star-Crossed premieres on Monday, February 17, at 8 p.m. on The CW.

Beth Douglass is an Associate Editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. She's our resident Glee expert and loves celebrity kids. Follow her on Twitter and Google+!

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