Was Brooks Forester’s Dad a CIA Informant? Rumor Patrol
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The Bachelorette

Was Brooks Forester’s Dad a CIA Informant? Rumor Patrol

So far, on Season 9 of The Bachelorette, we really like Brooks Forester. He’s genuine, handsome, and has real chemistry with Desiree Hartsock. And yes, we would say that with electrodes attached to our truth centers. Which is good, because according to a report, Brooks’ dad used to work as a CIA and DEA agent in Costa Rica.

“I am a homeopathic doctor, so I took a position down there…but I was also an informant for the CIA and DEA,” Gary Forester reportedly told the National Enquirer (via RadarOnline).

So, that time when Brooks revealed to Des that his parents got divorced when he was 13 and his dad left? Apparently, he peaced out down south for a bit to hang in Central America.

Which begs the question: Um. Why are you telling us this, Mr. Forester? We can’t imagine that a little thing like 14 years would make it suddenly okay with the government to reveal your super top secret doings. Especially considering the reason anyone cares about his story is that the son he abandoned is on a reality dating show.

Our take on it? This seems a little fishy, but it’s a fun story to believe, if that’s your bag. All we know is, if Brooks makes it to Hometowns, Desiree better hope that his pops doesn’t show up to put some of his old skills to use...

Source: National Enquirer via RadarOnline