Was CeCe Helping Ali on Pretty Little Liars? Sasha Pieterse Says…
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Pretty Little Liars

Was CeCe Helping Ali on Pretty Little Liars? Sasha Pieterse Says…

We’ve speculated before that CeCe helped Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) fake her death and run away on Pretty Little Liars, but what does the not-dead mean girl herself have to say about it? Sasha talked to TV Guide about the possibility of CeCe having helped Ali.

"The real great thing is everything connects and so if you re-watch you'll find little pieces ... You had CeCe pretending to be Alison in her red coat so there are little clues in there,” Sasha said, seemingly confirming that CeCe not only knew about Ali’s survival, but has helped her during her time away. “Alison has helpers and for significant reasons Alison knew a few characters before the girls even did and those were her safe places in the most unexpected ways."

Very cool. We love the idea of characters the Liars have considered potential baddies revealing themselves as Ali’s saviors. Though, we suppose helping Alison doesn’t necessarily negate one from being a baddie, especially because we’re still not sure Alison isn’t evil herself.

Sasha also spilled about another potential ally for Alison: Mona, aka the Original “A” herself. According to the actress: “If you re-watch the episode where Mona tells Hanna that she saw Alison in Vivian Darkbloom mode that is a clue.” The episode in question is Season 2, Episode 25 (“UnmAsked”). In it, Mona recounts to Hanna the time she caught Ali pretending to be Vivian Darkbloom in Brookhaven, about a week before Ali went missing. Mona agreed to help Alison in return for her help in becoming popular. At the time, we thought Mona simply had to pretend not to know Ali, but what if there was more to it? What if Mona’s rise to popularity was from Ali’s tutelage after the former nerd helped Alison fake her death?

Who do you think Ali’s helpers are? Sound off in the comments below!

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