Bachelor 2014: Was Juan Pablo Galavis the Right Choice for Season 18?
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014: Was Juan Pablo Galavis the Right Choice for Season 18?

The official Bachelor Nation drooling chart saw a massive spike in August when Juan Pablo Galavis was announced as this season’s lead. But, much like the President of the United States, Bachelors tend to enter their seasons with a high approval rating only to watch it tank as their term wears on.

It’s only been a few weeks on this dreamy daddy’s “aventura,” but now that he’s been on active rose duty for four episodes, let’s do a gut check. We saw the big sympathetic intro, met all the crazies and slightly sane women, and we've seen him on several dates now. He's dealt with drama, made out with a half-dozen hotties, and has made some off-screen memories for all of us.

There’s a lot to take into account: His looks are obviously still on point, but how about his judgment? Did you approve of how he handled the drunk Victoria situation? Are you irritated with him for not noticing that some of these girls who don't necessarily seem to be on the same page are still around, while other great girls have departed?

From where we sit, JPG has been pretty easy to watch so far. He looks good — shirt on or off — and he has a natural charm and charisma. He also seems to be making decisions with the right part of his body.

However, it would be rare — maybe even a first — if the Bachelor didn’t do something this season to make us shake our heads in disgust. Making Lauren Solomon cry on Season 18 Episode 4 almost made us burst into tears. And that time he said that having a gay Bachelor would be "more pervert" and a "bad example" for children? Well, that wasn't our favorite thing either.

Still, if we're just judging him for what he's doing with the ladies every week, we have to take into account that he's gotten a little sloppy in the kissing department — and it can't be all Sharleen Joynt's fault...

How would you rate JPG, at this point? Is he everything you Juan-ted and more, or are you wishing another Bachelor had been chosen?

He's the best Bachelor ever.

I'm really not into him.