Was Julianne Hough a Good Dancing With the Stars Judge? You Tell Us!
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Dancing With The Stars

Was Julianne Hough a Good Dancing With the Stars Judge? You Tell Us!

The news of Julianne Hough's triumphant return to Dancing With the Stars as a guest judge during Season 17 garnered a mixed reaction from fans. Some were excited to see one of their fave ex-pros back in the ballroom, while others were worried Julianne would show bias towards her brother, Derek Hough, and/or her childhood friend and old dance partner, Mark Ballas. So, how did she do?

Well, if you ask Mark she certainly wasn't biased in his favor. In fact, he seemed a bit hurt by Julianne's comment that he outshines his partner, Christina Milian, when they dance side-by-side. Though to be fair to Julianne, we think she's pretty on the mark with that critique.

In fact, we didn't see much bias in her comments — or her scores. The judges were almost disturbingly uniform, agreeing on the scores for literally every single contestant. When's the last time that happened? It's hard to say Julianne was biased in any direction when Carrie Ann and Bruno agreed with her across the board.

We actually thought she did a pretty solid job, bringing a fun and flirty personality to the judging panel while also doling out solid tips to help everyone improve.

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