Was Katie Yeager’s Daughter Molli Briefly Taken Away From Her?
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Katie Yeager

Was Katie Yeager’s Daughter Molli Briefly Taken Away From Her?

There's trouble in Teen Mom 3 paradise, y'all. Everyone's favorite ginger bombshell and lover of beards, Katie Yeager, took to Twitter on July 28 with a number of troubling tweets concerning her daughter, Molli, and fans are clutching their pearls in horror.

It all started when Katie posted, "Keep Molli and I in your thoughts tonight. We need all the love and good vibes we can get."

Naturally, fans were quick to ask Katie why she needed extra good vibes, but girlfriend was radio silent until hopping back online and posting, "My baby is back home where she belongs."

Reading in between the lines of Katie's tweets, it sounds like Molli was briefly taken away from her. Unfortunately, this mommy-daughter duo are no longer reality television stars, so fans have no way of knowing what's going on in their lives.

However, it's likely that Katie's brief separation from Molli had to do with her baby daddy, Joey Maes. Katie has custody of Molli, but it's possible that Joey is fighting for parental rights! Let’s not forget these two have had a rocky relationship ever since the days of Teen Mom 3...like that time Joey tried to leave with Molli...

Why do you think Katie and Molli were separated? Take to the comments and dish your theories!