Was Lamar Odom Spotted Buying Materials to Make a Crack Pipe?
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Was Lamar Odom Spotted Buying Materials to Make a Crack Pipe?

Lamar Odom may have told paparazzi yesterday that he’s not a drug addict, but his purchasing habits may be telling a very different story.

TMZ reports that Lamar and his driver were spotted leaving an L.A. area pharmacy on Tuesday with a bag full of goodies, including a box of steel wool scrubbers, which are commonly broken down for use as filters in crack pipes.

While Lamar’s arrest for DUI, in addition to recent admissions by alleged mistress Polina Polonsky, strongly imply that the basketball player is, in fact, struggling with substance abuse issues, the photos of the alleged crack-making plan are far from definitive proof that he’s using.

Not only is Lamar’s driver the only one actually seen holding the bag, because, perhaps, the items belong to him, but there are plenty of other good uses for kitchen scrubbers besides smoking crack, like — wait for it — scrubbing kitchens. Other uses include plugging holes caused by mice, getting scuff marks off of white floors, and cleaning sneakers — none of which are criminal activities, the last time we checked.

So, while it’s fine to believe that Lamar is living in a drug-addled world of infinite sadness, it’s just as plausible in this case that his driver has a really, really messy house.

Do you think Lamar is on the mend, or do you think this is proof that he’s still using?

Source: TMZ

09.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sarah Crow
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