Was Leah Remini’s Dancing With the Stars Elimination the Right Call?
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Dancing With The Stars

Was Leah Remini’s Dancing With the Stars Elimination the Right Call?

Being in the bottom two alongside Bill Engvall is apparently the kiss of death on Dancing With the Stars Season 17. On Week 10, Leah Remini's Mirror Ball dreams were cut short in the Semifinals, which might just be the most painful time to be eliminated.

Leah's elimination leaves four contestants vying for the top prize: Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu, Jack Osbourne, and, of course, Bill Engvall. Did Leah really deserve to be cut out of this group?

Honestly, we can't say we're shocked or particularly disappointed by this development. We liked Leah, and would have been happy to see her in the finale, but we can see why she went home this week. She didn't have the skill level of Corbin and Amber, her improvement seemed to have stalled a few weeks back while Jack Osbourne just keeps getting better and better, and Bill Engvall's “aww shucks” charm is clearly pulling in massive votes. In many ways, there just wasn't room for Leah anymore.

That said, she did have a really strong improvement arc this season, and in Week 9 she had a fierce Trio dance that we adored. Her technique is definitely better than Bill's, on a whole, and while her performances weren't great in the Semifinals, she normally brings a lot of personality and sass to the table.

So, were you disappointed that Leah was eliminated, or do you think it was her time to go?

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