Was Porsha Stewart Acting as Kordell’s Beard? Kenya Moore Puts Porsha On the Spot! (VIDEO)
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Was Porsha Stewart Acting as Kordell’s Beard? Kenya Moore Puts Porsha On the Spot! (VIDEO)

On tonight’s March 9 episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams was put on the spot when Kenya Moore straight-up asked her if she had been covering for her husband and his sexuality. Basically, before football player Kordell Stewart married Porsha, there were rumors circulating that the NFL athlete was actually gay. And by the way Porsha talked about her now-defunct marriage, she didn’t totally deny those rumors.

It all went down at dinner the first night in Mexico, when Peter Thomas brought up his recent sit-down with Kordell about what went wrong in his marriage. From there, Porsha explained her side of the story, and her response left everyone at the table speechless.

“What I can say is that how our relationship changed and how it became public was by choice and it was for him,” Porsha began, adding, “He was always the celebrity. But his celebrity was tainted. I told him that I had a plan for us, and that my plan was to be the ideal couple. And that whatever was in his past that was nasty, that hurt him, those rumors, all of that … that I would help him erase that.”

The room was left stunned by Porsha’s admission, and Peter is heard saying “you sound like you ran a PR campaign.” But Kenya was less willing to beat around the bush.

“Saying ‘I’m going to play the role of wife, mother’... You’re saying like, ‘I’m signing on to be your beard’, basically,” the former Miss USA pointed out.

From there, Porsha tried to backtrack, explaining, “When I found him, he was wounded. He was hurt … Me deciding to be his wife, and let the public know who we were and what we stood for, that did not mean I didn’t love him seriously.”

But it was too late to change Kenya and Peter’s minds, and they still seemed unconvinced.

“Porsha sounds like a broke down Olivia Pope,” Kenya quipped. “This isn’t Scandal. Just stop faking it. The truth will set you free!”

Do you think the rumors about Kordell are true? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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