Rihanna Was Secretly Onstage at Drake’s Coachella Performance
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Rihanna Was Secretly Onstage at Drake’s Coachella Performance

We see you, Rihanna!

The R&B superstar might have been trying to keep a low profile during Drake's performance at Coachella, but when it comes to celebrities, there are eyes everywhere!

Sources for Page Six are saying the two recording artists flew together to the Palm Springs-based music festival on a private jet, and that Rihanna was spotted hanging out on the side of the stage while Drake sang with singer/songwriter Jhené Aiko.

“Rihanna was on the stage and no one knew she was there,” Page Six’s Coachella insider said. This isn’t surprising to us, considering the fact that they were spotted kissing at the MTV Movie Awards, not to mention the latest news surrounding the couple and rumors they've decided to move in together. However, we are a little surprised RiRi decided to keep such a low profile.

Maybe she didn’t want to steal the spotlight away from her boyfriend's performance. Either way, we’re glad to see Rihanna out supporting her man, even if it is on the down-low.

Why do you think Rihanna was trying to keep out of sight during Drake’s Coachella appearance? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Page Six