Watch: Bachelorette 2013’s [Spoiler] Confronted By Angry Girlfriend!
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The Bachelorette

Watch: Bachelorette 2013’s [Spoiler] Confronted By Angry Girlfriend!

Since the very start of The Bachelorette 2013, ABC’s promos have made it no secret that one of Desiree Hartsock’s men already has a girlfriend back home. Thanks to Reality Steve, we already knew exactly which guy it was. Now, ABC’s newest Bachelorette sneak peek confirms his identity.

It’s official: Brian Jarosinski is the mystery two-timer. What’s more, you can watch his Playboy model girlfriend march straight into Bachelor Mansion to confront him.

If you recall from last week, Brian has already told Desiree about his girlfriend, Stephanie, but with one glaring omission. He says they broke up two months ago!

“I don’t know. It just worried me because I've been in past relationships where — I don’t feel like two months is where you’re actually ready,” Desiree says in the clip.

Brian assures her that, though the breakup is fresh, his relationship really was, “over a long time ago.” Cut to footage of Stephanie walking into the house... barely a minute away from reaching him.

As Brian is busy telling Des how he and his ex are still friends, Stephanie is getting closer and closer. “It’s not awkward [between us] at all,” he tells Desiree.

“Do you know how she feels about it?” Des shoots back. “Because she’s actually here.” Enter Chris Harrison, motioning Stephanie towards Des.

“Hi,” she says, reaching out her hand. “I’m Brian’s girlfriend.”

Oh..... snap. Things are about to get real.

Source: ABC News