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Watch Aaron Paul’s Hilarious SNL Cameo Before Breaking Bad Finale

Jesse Pinkman was on Saturday Night Live, b—tch!

SNL launched its new season last night (September 28) and during the Cold Open, Jay Pharoah returned as President Obama to sell Obamacare. He brought out a bunch of average Americans to talk about the change, including “a man from New Mexico with a heartbreaking story about healthcare before the Affordable Care Act.”

Out walked Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse on Breaking Bad, which is ending its run tonight. The audience went wild for the surprise cameo, as “Jesse” shared his story.

“Hey, what’s up. I have this friend, you know, and he got sick. Cancer sick. But because there wasn’t Obamacare, he couldn’t afford the treatment. So he was, like, backed into a corner.”

Obama jumped in: “And keep in mind, that this man was a teacher, a man with a family.”

Jesse continued, “So, he did what any of us would’ve done — he started cooking meth. And soon it wasn’t just meth, it was murder. And not regular murder, you know, he blew half a guy’s face off.”

Ha! Obama cut him off at that point. So maybe Obamacare could’ve helped ol’ Walter White. And maybe it could’ve stopped the zombie apocalypse too...

09.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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