Watch Amber Feud With the Twins — and Melissa Gorga — on RHONJ Season 6 (VIDEOS)
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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Watch Amber Feud With the Twins — and Melissa Gorga — on RHONJ Season 6 (VIDEOS)

Don’t you worry about the drama getting cold on The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6, 'cause newbie Amber Marchese is ready to stir just about every pot to a boil.

Way back in December, there were rumors that new H'wife Amber wanted to "make a splash" in her debut season, so she fought with Melissa Gorga and new H'wife twins, Teresa Aprea and Nicole Mauriello.

At the time, All About TRH said Amber had been "picking on Melissa because she supposedly knows her from the past." They said this probably wouldn't turn out well for Amber. The twins weren't having any trouble fitting in, they added, "but if Amber is going to start with Melissa, she better realize what she’s dealing with." RadarOnline added that we could expect "an Old Housewives vs. New Housewives feud" with Amber helping to feed the fire because she "wants to be an actress, so she’s trying to play it up for the cameras."

Gotcha. Well, that was then and the sneak peeks for Season 6 certainly suggest it's all true.

Just check out the first video below, which shows Amber dissing "the funbag twins," who are supposedly her friends but ... not really. In the video, Melissa says Amber is showing a different side to herself than she's used to. You can also watch Amber way overreact to the twins feeling left out on a casino trip (cue Melissa and Dina Manzo wishing they'd all just shut up), and Dina helping to stir the pot by saying Amber talks about Melissa behind her back.

Amber is shown crying and leaving the room after a Melissa confrontation, but she can't really deny that she's been gossiping. The extended promo (also see video below) shows Amber mentioning to Teresa Giudice how she heard Joe Gorga was engaged before he married Melissa. Teresa told Amber to not get involved and just keep the peace (when did you ever imagine she'd be the one to say that?) but clearly that didn't happen because Melissa is shown asking Joe about it.

There’s also some hair-pulling drama in that extended promo, with possibly Teresa pulling Amber’s hair. And by Teresa we mean the twin Teresa, not TGiudice, who is actually behaving herself. At one point in the first video, while Amber yells at Nicole, Melissa and TG high-five each other and whisper that they’re glad they’re not the ones fighting this time. It’s a brand new world!

Are you looking forward to H’wives vs. Amber, or are you hoping she gets the better of a feud with Melissa?

Catch the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 premiere on Sunday, July 13, 2014 at 8 p.m. ET.