How to Watch the Bachelorette 2014 Season Finale Online
Credit: Javier Pesquera/ABC Television Group    

The Bachelorette

How to Watch the Bachelorette 2014 Season Finale Online

We don’t know that The Bachelorette 2014 finale will be the most! dramatic! finale! ever! — since this is at least the 35th time Chris Harrison’s said something along those lines, we just can’t take his word for it. What we do know for sure is that you’re not going to want to miss the final rose ceremony, where Andi Dorfman will decide between Josh Murray and Nick Viall.

So what do you do in the event that you have to watch it from your laptop or tablet? Though not available in all markets, many fans in Bachelor Nation can tune in to the ABC live stream. Other TV subscribers (depending on your provider) may be able to tune in to right over here — just choose the “Watch Live” option. And, if you have a smartphone or tablet — along with a participating TV provider — you can download the free app to stream the last leg of Andi’s journey on your mobile device.

Don't miss the episode.

Other than that, we can’t recommend any legal ways to watch the finale in real time — unless you want to hang around an electronics store at airtime or con a friend with a wired-in TV to watch it with you. However, the episode will be up on Hulu the next day if you can wait that long and have a Hulu Plus account. You might want to avoid Twitter and Facebook til then to remain spoiler free, though!

On the other hand, if you can’t wait to find out what happens, you should definitely check out our Bachelorette spoilers and get all the dirt!