One Direction

Watch One Direction’s Bizarre Photoshoot for Their New Fragrance (VIDEO)

One Direction took a short hiatus earlier this year and we totally understand why! The boys needed to rest up for all the exciting new ventures 2014 had in store.

Beside releasing their latest album, Midnight Memories, the X Factor quintet have been busy launching their new fragrance. Yes, you can now smell like Zayn, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Harry — though don’t expect Taylor Swift to test it out anytime soon.

The new scent, called That Moment, comes with a bunch of promotional hype including a short film that the fellows had a major hand in creating. Starring 1D (obvi), the ad’s all about a bizarre photoshoot headed by fragrance photographer Girolle of Paris. Never heard of him? There’s a reason for that.

The boys aren’t exactly nubes at photoshoots but something about this one just doesn’t smell right (and that’s not the perfume we’re talking about!). You can watch the full nearly 7-minute long video over on the official One Direction YouTube, though we’ve got the best bits above. You’ll spot the fellows and their new pal Girolle, near the tail end of that video but believe us, it’s totally worth the wait.

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