Glee Spoiler: Watch Blaine’s “You’re My Best Friend” — With Puppets! (VIDEO)
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Glee Spoiler: Watch Blaine’s “You’re My Best Friend” — With Puppets! (VIDEO)

Do you ever lay awake in bed at night and think to yourself, “Gee, if only Blaine (Darren Criss) could perform an entire song with only a bunch of puppets?” Of course you do. (We know. It’s like we’re psychic or something.) Well, then this week’s Glee Season 5, Episode 7: “Puppet Master” is for you.

During the November 28 episode, which just so happens to air on Thanksgiving, Blaine will be singing Queen’s hit “You’re My Best Friend” in the McKinley High choir room. But instead of singing it to the New Directions, he’s singing it to a bunch of adorable puppet doppelgangers.

Actor Darren Criss is a huge fan of puppets, and he loves the puppet-centric musical Avenue Q. So we’re willing to bet that his personal enthusiasm for the colorful little guys may have helped inspire the creative direction for this performance.

With Puppet Ryder on the drums, a smiling Blaine looks each and every puppet in the eye, singing happily as he declares his undying affection for his friends. Special call-out to the shots of Blaine and his puppet friends spinning around and around in circles as the camera’s zoomed in on their faces. That part is not to be missed.

It’s quirky. It’s cheesy. It’s goofy. It’s completely over the top, but in the very best way. And, we can’t lie, now we sort of want to find a puppet to be our new best friend.

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