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Watch Candice Glover Sing Emile Sandé’s “Next to Me” on American Idol Top 3

The American Idol judges chose Emile Sandé's "Next to Me" for her second song on American Idol Top 3.

Mariah Carey says she felt like Candice brought her home with her. She thinks going home made Candice energized again. She can only see very, very good things happening for her in the future.

Keith Urban says he was totally in the song, he was into it and the beginning was so perfect. He says it was so good and what she did with the song was just beautiful.

Nicki Minaj says watching Candice’s hometown video was just so emotional and it was hard for her to watch. Nicki gets choked up trying to do her critique and finally just has to say it was amazing and move on.

Randy Jackson says “we all got lifted with you.. and this is one of the greatest things about American Idol.” Then he actually says “kudos to us.” He also says it was just fabulous. Nicki comes back on to say she wants to congratulate Candice for being “the most confident woman on that stage” and inspiring woman of all colors no matter what they look like or where they’ve come from.

05.9.2013 / 07:12 AM EDT by Tiffany Wan
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