Watch: Lea Michele’s “Cannonball” — Her First Official Music Video
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Lea Michele

Watch: Lea Michele’s “Cannonball” — Her First Official Music Video

The wait is over! On January 9, Lea Michele (Rachel) officially debuted her first-ever music video. The Glee star’s video for “Cannonball,” her first single, is live on VEVO. And it’s full of bright lights, cool outfits, and, of course, stellar vocals.

Just after 7:30 p.m.ET, Lea took to Twitter to share the video with her fans. “My #CANNONBALL video is live on @VEVO! Go to or to check it out!!!!” she wrote.

She quickly followed up, “OMG THIS IS SUCH A DREAM COME TRUE!!!! I hope you guys like it!!! #CannonballMusicVideo

We’ve been listening to “Cannonball” practically nonstop since the tune debuted back on December 10. Its uplifting, take-charge message is all about rising above adversity — something Lea’s had a lot of practice with these past six months.

Her video uses light and darkness to illustrate that journey. Lea starts out in an old, abandoned building. It’s almost completely dark, with only bits of sunlight breaking through.

As the song continues, the room fills more and more with light. “But I won’t hide inside. I’ve gotta get out, gotta get out, gotta get out,” Lea sings.

By the end, she’s in a large room filled with mirrors, then another one, this time filled with hundreds of hanging lights. Her dark dress has been replaced with a brilliant white one. Colored lights explode all around her.

It’s a song about hope, about overcoming adversity, of triumphing over the darkness that can seek to consume your life.

What do you think of Lea’s music video debut? Is it everything you could have hoped for, or were you expecting something different? Head to the comments to sound off.

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