Watch Chris Hardwick Skewer Fake Walking Dead Fan Marc Maron on “Talking Dead” (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Watch Chris Hardwick Skewer Fake Walking Dead Fan Marc Maron on “Talking Dead” (VIDEO)

Do you miss the comforting sound of the Talking Dead intro, followed by Chris Hardwick’s voice leading you into a discussion of The Walking Dead?

New episodes of Talking Dead won’t return until October, after TWD's Season 5 premiere, but last night (May 8) we got an alternate universe version of the show on Marc Maron’s IFC series Maron.

In the Season 2 premiere, called “Talking Dead,” Marc is booked as a guest on AMC’s Talking Dead, even though he’s never seen the mothership show. His much-younger girlfriend is a big TWD buff and tries to get him up to speed, but he ends up blowing his appearance. Making things worse, he has a history with host and fellow comedian Chris Hardwick that goes back 20 years and still includes Marc talking bleep about Chris on Twitter.

The other guest on this faux Talking Dead episode is comedian Michael Ian Black, who also takes shots at Marc. (Credibility check — two comedians on Talking Dead and no one from TWD itself? At least call Kirkman in for a cameo!)

The result is a painful Talking Dead appearance that could be seen as the flip-side to Marilyn Manson’s real-life appearance during Season 4. Marilyn was clearly a fan of the show, and went deep down the rabbit hole of long-winded bizarreness. Marc, on the other hand, tries to flub his way through the appearance, since he knows nothing, but Chris and Michael call him out on it. Marc ends up confusing The Governor with Glenn, snarks about the function of zombie jaws, and ultimately prompts his girlfriend to call into the show to basically dump him on the spot.

Watch two wonderfully sarcastic clips below. Love seeing the dark side of Chris!

Warning: Expletives ahead in the videos. NSFW

Source: IFC

05.9.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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