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Watch Kree Harrison Sing Annie Lennox’s “White Shade of Pale” in American Idol 2013 Top 4

For her "one hit wonder" song choice on Thursday night, Kree Harrison chose "Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procol Harum/Annie Lennox.

Randy Jackson says Kree can just “flat out sing” and she redeemed herself for him. “You sang your face off, that was brilliant!” Mariah Carey says she wants to go “download that right now because I need that on my phone” — she says Kree never needed to redeem herself. “Feel good about what you did because you just did it.” Keith Urban says he is going to sound like he is in disagreement with the other judges. He thinks the song didn’t really didn’t capture what he wanted to hear out of it. He wants her to pick a song that will either show her off or drag her listeners in.

Nicki Minaj tells Keith to watch how he is talking to “my wife” — and she loves her Kreedom. However, she doesn’t think the song is going to keep Kree out of the bottom two this week. “Something that’s on the inside of you seems to be dimming a little bit.” Even if she should leave though, Nicki thinks she could put out a multi-platinum album no problem.

04.25.2013 / 07:53 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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