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Watch Kree Harrison Sing Pink’s “Perfect” on American Idol Top 3

Jimmy Iovine chose Pink's "Perfect" for Kree Harrison's first song on American Idol Top 3.

Keith Urban says this song choice only proves one thing to him, that Kree is just a country girl. No matter what she sings, she just has her own signature sound. It kind of sounds like an insult, like she should stick to only singing country.

Nicki Minaj says her Kreedom’s voice just always sounds warm and “quality.” She thinks Kree was more comfortable this week than last time. She thinks Kree should wear some flat cowboy boots so she can move around the stage more.

Randy Jackson says “Yo” and he didn’t really love the song for her, but she can sing anything at any time. But the song just didn’t have the pizazz for him and it was a little flat.

Mariah Carey says she felt like it was an interesting song choice by Jimmy and it must be difficult to sing something other people picked for her. Then she gives a sidebar about how when she started out she wouldn’t sing other people’s songs because, well, she was just better than that. She thinks Kree was a bit restrained but hopes she’ll be coming out more later on in the night.

05.9.2013 / 06:21 AM EDT by Tiffany Wan
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