Watch All the Performances from X Factor Live Shows — November 13, 2013
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The X Factor

Watch All the Performances from X Factor Live Shows — November 13, 2013

X Factor's back and starting its second week of Live Shows with a major bang: One of the Top 13 goes home tonight! Why? Well, there was a slight tech issue last week that meant no one went home, keeping the remaining 13 contestants on pins and needles all weekend as they wondered if they'd ever get a chance to perform their 1980s numbers.

Once the elimination is over — we hope it's quick and fast like ripping off a Band-Aid — the Top 12 will take to the stage and work to earn our votes. How do we do that again? We've got the 411. Let's just hope the telephone numbers are correct this week...

Here's a quick refresher on which judge has which team:

Boys (Paulina Rubio): Carlito Olivero, Tim Olstad, Josh Levi (wildcard). Sadly, Carlos Guevara was sent home before he got a chance to perform

Girls (Demi Lovato): Ellona Santiago, Rion Paige, Khaya Cohen

Over 25s (Kelly Rowland): Rachel Potter, Jeff Gutt, Lillie McCloud

Groups (Simon Cowell): Restless Road, Alex & Sierra, Sweet Suspense

Head below and watch the Top 13 rock the latest round of Live Shows!

Top 12: Lillie McCloud Sings Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody"

Top 12: Carlito Olivero Sings Gloria Estefan's "Rhythm Is Going to Get You"

Top 12: Rion Paige Sings Pat Benatar's "We Belong"

Top 12: Sweet Suspense Sings Toni Basil's "Mickey"

Top 12: Tom Olstad Sings Phil Collins's "Against All Odds"

Top 12: Khaya Cohen Sings Madonna's "Borderline"

Top 12: Restless Road Sings Kenny Loggins's "Footloose"

Top 12: Rachel Potter Sings Heart's "Alone"

Top 12: Ellona Santiago Sings Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

Top 12: Josh Levi Sings Paula Abdul's "Straight Up"

Top 12: Jeff Gutt Sings Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight"

Top 12: Alex & Sierra Sing Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love"

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