Watch Matthew McConaughey’s Bizarre SAG Awards Speech About Neptune (VIDEO)
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Watch Matthew McConaughey’s Bizarre SAG Awards Speech About Neptune (VIDEO)

Alright, alright, alright ... or maybe it's not alright. What the heck was Matthew McConaughey going on about during his 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards speech?

He won arguably the most coveted SAG award for male stars when he picked up Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role for Dallas Buyers Club.

Matthew is an odd duck — in a good way! — and his acceptance speech rushed all over the place, including outer space. But unlike Jacqueline Bisset at the Golden Globes, his speech came out in a wild fast-talking blur.

Here's just a brief portion of his remarks:

"There's magic place that we as actors release drive to get to and we don't always get there, but boy when we touch it. It's magic. When you're seeing the character from the inside-out, when you're walking out every day and everything you see, smell and touch and observe is coming through that character and into you and it's making sense and you're the subject. You're the eye. You're first-person seeing it through that character's eyes. That doesn't always happen. But boy when it does, and it feels like they could put a blindfold on you and put you on a spaceship and take you to Neptune and you could hop off on the planet and they better have the sprock control and you get off that spaceship because you are going to behave as your man. That is a glorious feeling!"

Umm... yeah!

Watch his full speech:

Cate Blanchett referenced his ramblings about Neptune when the prompters said she could only speak for another 29 seconds:

Go Cate! Check out the full list of winners.

What did you think of Matthew’s speech? Did it make sense to you on some artistic thespian level or was he just ... out there?

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