Watch Norman Reedus (Almost) Kill a Zombie on Late Night With Seth Meyers (VIDEO)
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The Walking Dead

Watch Norman Reedus (Almost) Kill a Zombie on Late Night With Seth Meyers (VIDEO)

It’s pretty dangerous to give Daryl Dixon or even his real-life counterpart Norman Reedus a crossbow (how many walkers has he killed with that thing and its seemingly unlimited arrows already?!) — but that’s just what Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers did when The Walking Dead star stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on March 12.

After a chat about bribing Robert Kirkman and being terrified of the top of The Empire State Building (who knew?), Seth brought Norman back for a funny bit in which the actor chatted with an audience zombie and self-described “Norman Reedus fan.”

Apparently this zombie has an issue with how The Walking Dead portrays zombies. “Do they all have to be mouth-breathing, foot-dragging morons hellbent on consuming human flesh?” he asked.

“That’s zombies, man,” Norman responded in a hilariously deadpan manner.

After the zombie went on and on about how his kind are misunderstood, noting that there are plenty of college-educated zombies who aren’t represented, he took a stand. “If I have to be the Rosa Parks of zombies then so be it,” he declared.

Norman grew weary and whipped out his crossbow. “Man I gotta be honest,” he said with the zombie-killer in hand, “you’re boring the hell out of me.”

Check out the video clip below to find out what happened next. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments, too!

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Source: Late Night With Seth Meyers

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