Watch Rare Footage of a Baby Born in Its Amniotic Sac
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Watch Rare Footage of a Baby Born in Its Amniotic Sac


Ever wondered what it would look like if a baby was born in its amniotic sac? OK, probably not. But we have a video of it anyway!

What is an amniotic sac, you’re asking? It’s basically a bag of fluid inside the womb where the baby develops. In most cases, the membrane breaks on its own during labor, which is what most people refer to as the woman’s “water breaking.”

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In rare cases, however, a baby is born with the amniotic sac still surrounding its body. It’s an instance that occurs in roughly one of every 80,000 births, or .001 percent.

This is exactly what happened on Saturday in Spain. The recording was taken by a nurse and has since been viewed all around the world. The video, which — warning: is very graphic — shows a mother giving birth to a baby in its amniotic sac, just minutes after delivering its twin normally.

As if newborns don’t already look like aliens, the video shows the baby moving occasionally while curled up inside the transparent sac. A blue umbilical cord, through which the baby is getting oxygen, can also be seen.

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Back in February, another baby was born in its amniotic sac — oddly enough, also in Spain. A video, also published online and viewed 26 million times — shows a doctor creating a small hole in the sac with surgical scissors. The membrane then peels back and the baby takes it first breath in the outside world.

When you think about it, it’s pretty remarkable to see. But we only recommend these videos to viewers with an iron stomach!