Cynthia Bailey: Watching Kandi Burruss Cry Over Her Relationship “Broke My Heart”
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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey: Watching Kandi Burruss Cry Over Her Relationship “Broke My Heart”

We aren't the only ones who had a hard time seeing how distraught Kandi Burruss was on this week's Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now, Cynthia Bailey is explaining how she felt when Kandi visited her in the episode.

"As you guys could see for yourselves, when Kandi came over to visit me, she was just an emotional wreck," Cynthia writes in her Bravo blog. "It broke my heart to see her cry her eyes out over the conflict between her man, mother, and friend. I know how it feels to be in love with a man and, for whatever reason, not have the full support of your family. I can relate and connect with Kandi regarding this situation."

"I made every effort to show Kandi love and support by giving her the only advice a grown woman could give another grown woman," Cynthia continues. "If you love Todd and want to marry him, then you owe it to yourself to sit down with your mother and work it out. Mother-to-daughter and woman-to-woman. Be respectful, but stand strong! Kandi is the only one that can turn this around, and I am confident that she will."

So does Cynthia think Kandi and Todd will eventually get married? Indeed, she does! "There is no doubt in my mind that there will be a wedding, and Miss Joyce will be front and center," she adds.

Do you agree that Kandi needs to be firmer with her mom?

Source: Cynthia's Bravo blog

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