“Way More Characters” Coming on The Walking Dead Season 5 — Announcements Soon?

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“Way More Characters” Coming on The Walking Dead Season 5 — Announcements Soon?

Remember how many new characters were introduced in The Walking Dead Season 4? There were all kinds of redshirts at the prison, plus The Governor’s new group, Lizzie, Mika, Patrick, Zach, Dr. S., Joe, etc., but the only ones who survived into Season 5 are Bob Stookey, Tara (Alanna Masterson), Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt), and Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos). Oh and Gareth (Andrew J. West), technically.

They were all connected to the comics, some more than others. Abraham’s group was pretty much lifted directly from the page. Bob has the same name as an Army medic from the books, but that’s about all they have in common. Tara has an equally small number of similarities to the Tara Chalmers in the graphic novel; TV Tara is pretty much her own woman. (Gareth may be a TV adaptation of Chris, leader of The Hunters, but we’ll have to see.)

Season 5 is now filming, and on set photos have shown new series regular Seth Gilliam dressed as a priest, which sounds like a pretty clear hint to his introduction as Father Gabriel Stokes, a character from the comics. We’ll have to see how that character is remixed for TV, but The Hollywood Reporter asked comic book writer/TV producer Robert Kirkman if other familiar characters might be introduced in S5.

“Way More Characters” Coming on The Walking Dead Season 5 — Announcements Soon?
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“I wouldn't be surprised to see some more announcements along those lines at some point soon,” RK said. “But that's always the case. We're always going to be cycling through characters, as I like to say in an ominous and foreboding kind of way. If we're not bringing new blood into the mix then we'll eventually run out. So we're definitely going to be bringing some new blood into the mix and always moving forward.”

On a similar note, AMC just caught up with The Walking Dead producer Jolly Dale, and she talked about some exciting things ahead in Season 5. “There’s a lot of stuff I’m not allowed to talk about, but readers of the comic book will have a pretty good idea of which direction we’re going in. The way I see it is, we’ve killed a lot of beloved characters on the show, but that just opens it up for new storylines to come along. So don’t be too sad about all the people who died in Season 4 because there will be way more characters to come.”

Way more! How many more and who? Terminus is not in the comic books, but we may meet more people there. There was already a casting spoiler from E! News about a teenage character named Burton, but who knows where he connects in the story or how long he’ll last. In addition to Gabriel, there are some other people from the comics that we could meet this season, especially if we get to Alexandria at some point.

Are you excited to hear about the new characters of Season 5? Do you suspect most of them will die off quickly? Do you hope they do? We do already have a lot of people to follow...

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter