The Walking Dead Webisodes Recap: The Oath Ends With Major Season 1 Callback
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Webisodes Recap: The Oath Ends With Major Season 1 Callback

The Walking Dead Season 4 is well underway, but if you want even more zombie goodness, there are additional Walking Dead stories online thanks to three webisodes. This is something AMC has done two times before, with short standalone series’ following new characters and new stories, but still keeping a connection to the world of The Walking Dead. The latest three-part series, The Oath, is about 30 minutes total, and includes a callback to TWD Season 1 — actually the very start of the series itself.

By the end of the third episode, we not only learn the web series' characters are in the same hospital that Rick Grimes emerges from, we see who wrote "Don't Open, Dead Inside" on the cafeteria doors. We saw those words back in Season 1, so now we know how they got there. But The Oath also leaves questions — we meet a doctor in the hospital who has apparently been there for months; did she never see Rick when he was there? If she assumed he was dead, wouldn't she have put him in the cafeteria with the others?

Anyway, here's a brief rundown of what happens in the series. It's pretty good!

Part One: "Alone"

The web series starts with a camp overrun with walkers, leaving Karina (Ashley Bell) sobbing over a bit loved one. It's reminiscent of the Season 1 scene where walkers attacked the Atlanta group's camp and Andrea cried for her sister Amy. Paul (Wyatt Russell) grabs Karina and forces her to leave the camp and everyone they loved.

Paul: "We have to keep running. Remember when I found you, I was the one who made you take the oath before you could join us, you remember that?”

Karina: "Yeah."

Paul: "Say it."

Karina: "When one lives, all live."

Paul: "I promise, I will never leave you. But right now, we have to go."

Paul is hurt pretty badly, so they have to seek help. Karina drives him to a couple of medical stations, but they're overrun with walkers. They end up at a hospital that seems deserted, but really isn't...

It's a great start and really showcases producer/director Greg Nicotero's makeup and effects expertise. If the zombies of Season 4 look this good, we're in for a treat!

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Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

Part Two: "Choice"

Karina (who calls walkers DKs, like decays) is saved from a walker by a doctor (Ellen Greene) who stabs the zombie in the head. Nice one, doc! She seems nice, but she ties Paul to the bed ... for his safety. The doc explains that they too were overrun at the hospital, but not from walkers. Instead people were killing each other over supplies, it was chaos.

The doc says she has to take Paul away, 'cause he doesn't have long to live. She must be aware of what the CDC doc told Rick — that everyone is infected and will turn when they die, bit or not. She locks up poor Paul in the cafeteria, even though he's still alive. So he's tied to the bed while surrounded by walkers. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment!

Part Three: "Bond"

Karina reveals a dark secret. She accidentally killed a man, thinking he was a "DK." He had a daughter who screamed, and Karina just ran, leaving the girl all alone. She knew it would be her punishment to be the last one standing, "to die scared and alone, just like that little girl." Karina's looking for a way to check out, and the doc says she might be able to offer another option.

While they talk death, Paul fights for his life. He manages to get himself free, but he can't get the cafeteria door open. He tries to fight the walkers, but he's still hurt.

He manages to get free, just in time to see Karina is tied to a bed and given drugs so she can check out. Paul tells the doctor they came there for her help, and she kills people. She says people out there are killing themselves for canned peaches or a safe spot to sleep because they don't think they have an alternative. "The only real hope we have is that maybe we get to choose how this ends." Karina chose death. The doc's own oath is to be there for others who also want to die.

As we see Karina turn, Paul's voice-over says "In this world stripped of humanity and hope, we have to fight to live, and you gave up. ... She was right, it is a choice but you were wrong about one thing. You were never alone. You gave up on me, on all of us." In the end, we see Paul spray-paint on the cafeteria doors: "DON'T OPEN DEAD INSIDE."

He also leads Karina out of the hospital with him. Is he going to keep her like Michonne's pets, or like how The Governor kept Penny, and Hershel kept people (including Sophia) in his barn?

Do you think we’ll ever see Paul again, maybe on Season 4 or later on? He’s a fighter, and he’s hopefully still out there in the Atlanta area during the current timeline, so maybe he’ll show up.

Did you enjoy The Oath? Tell us below!

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